Månedsarkiv: august 2017

… a fishing rod

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
give him a fishing rod
and you feed him for a lifetime

The Fishing rod proverb is the basis for CoffeeBank. We believe in help with self-help.

CoffeeBank is an association that aims to help develop in the third world. We believe that the recipient is bound by the help he receives. CoffeeBank is aimed at disadvantaged coffee farmers in the third world. Contributors are quality-proof coffee-lovers.

We support an overpriced for coffee, and above, …with a cash donation for a local development project. We have chosen the UN (United Nation) fourth world goal: Quality Education.

The coffee for our contributors comes from Murra in Nicaragua. CoffeeBank / Contributors, on the other hand, support the children with writing tools and books at Murra’s local school.

You buy coffee at market price. As the coffee is imported directly by our partner and there is no profit at all, it provides the basis for a good amount to be donated to Murra School for each sold coffee unit.

You can buy for own consumption, or buy into neighbors, friends and acquaintances. We can deliver coffee to you in a “coffee deal” and you can buy a larger portion of coffee, with prepayment for later delivery.

In this context, the “fishing rod” is equivalent to quality education. The next generation, the children, actively participate in society in a few years. Neither can it be ruled out that the children through their education and learning can already contribute to better living conditions for them and their neighbors.

You support the locals in Murra, Nicaragua through the purchase of coffee through them. We want to thank you and convey what is possible about the coffee and about the people who work to create a quality coffee in Murra.

Any purchase makes a difference to the people of Murra, Nicaragua.

Bjarne Melander, 01082017